What is InsightLake ?

Insight Lake data platform allows companies to build AI & Big data centric solutions quickly while choosing their choice of data stores like Cloudera,HortonWorks, AWS or Relational DBs. Insight Lake platform provides pre-built enterprise solutions like Virtual Agents, Cyber Security, Customer 360 etc. which can be easily customized.


AI Core

AI Core provides natural language processing, Skill building, Intent identification, Dialog management, Deep Learning/Machine Learning models...

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Data Management

Data Management allows customers to ingest, process, prepare and manage their data sets. Following are the functionalities provided by data management module...

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Metadata Store

Metadata Store creates, imports, stores and exposes metadata about enterprise data assets. Data assets can be systems (databases), schemas, folders, tables, files...

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Data Quality

Quality center allows companies to profile their data sets to get a clear picture around their data sets. It allows creation of data validation and cleansing rules, which can be...

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Data Governance

Controlling who owns the data, who can modify and whether data contains sensitive information is critical for an enterprise...

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Dashboards allows companies to build interactive data stories from their data sets. Companies can easily build static or real time dashboards and schedule...

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Data Security

Enterprises today are storing large amount of data in data lakes and data stores to gain insights. At the same time regulations are forcing companies to protect...

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Document Repository

Utilize power of Big Data to store documents like text, PDF, Microsoft Word, images etc with contextual tags. Easily search documents based on tags and content.

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Document Generation

Generate data driven documents like fillable PDF forms, statements, letters, invoices, email templates, reports etc. Generate PDF and AFP formats. Create

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Why choose InsightLake

InsightLake's unified big data based platform allows companies to build data applications quickly. Pre-built templates, drag and drop UI interface reduces cost and speeds up development timeline. Metadata driven InsightLake platform has built data abstraction layer so companies focus more on application layer than underlying infrastructure. InsightLake works with Relational DBs, Big Data distributions like HortonWorks, Cloudera, MapR, AWS EMR, MPP Databases like Redshift.

  • Build complex data applications without coding
  • Integrated data management, governance and security
  • Indistry specific solutions and use cases

Run anywhere - On-premise or Cloud

Use metadata driven re-usable components on any Hadoop distribution on-premise or Cloud.

No License and Pay as you go support

InsightLake platform is completely license free for companies to use in production. Our unique Pay as you go support model doesn't lock companies in yearly contract, companies only pay for support if they need.'