Brand Management - Track, Protect & Improve Your Brand

Companies build products and services and it takes time when people trust the product and its name resonates with quality and value and becomes a brand which then drives business. Brand perception is very sensitive to bad news and that could cause lot of damage to a company's sales. To maintain brand companies invest lot of money in making quality products, advertising etc. It is also essential that companies should engage with their customers, listen to their opinions, issues and measure satisfaction to improve or protect their brand. This build competitive advantage and drives higher growth.

InsightLake Brand Management solution allows companies to manage, protect and improve brand image.


Solution provides following Features:

  • Social tracking - Track social media with keywords
  • Social analytics - demographies, time, location
  • Influencer analytics - Identify influencers and measure impact
  • Brand campaign analytics
  • Brand monitoring in real time - monitor conversations
  • Incident management for protection
  • Competitive analysis - compare competitors brands
  • Sentiment analysis to determine perception

User Interaction With Brand - Touch points

Brand management solution enables companies to capture user's interaction with brand (product/service) from various sources.

Consolidated data from various touch points enables understanding user behavior with the brand easier.

Companies gain insights which leads to improvement in engagement and brand satisfaction.

Social marketing & engagement

Brand management solution allows companies to track brand on various social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube etc. Companies can listen to users, their opinions, complaints and take actions to protect their brand.

Companies can utilize social media to accomplish:

  • Gain insights about their products and customer views
  • Listen to users, measure engagement and satisfaction and respond to issues in real time
  • Create social campaigns to promote and build brand awareness
  • Measure how social presence results in business outcomes
  • Understand industry trends and what people are looking for
  • Identify new markets

Brand Advertising Campaigns

Companies run digital marketing campaigns to introduce, promote, build awareness about their brand. Following analytics provided by InsightLake's Brand management solution:

  • Reach across display, video, mobile, search channels
  • Analyze which campaigns positively or negatively affect brand
  • How spend allocation across various channels affect brand
  • Which products or services affect brand
  • Location or site based analysis


InsightLake's sentiment analysis on social conversions allows determination of perception and satisfaction. Sentiment is categorized into :

  • Promotion
  • Liking
  • Dislike
  • Complaint
  • Other issues

Sentiment analysis integrates with incidence creation with JIRA or other Agile based ticket solutions so companies can follow up with users and contain brand damage.

Identify Influencers

Brand management solution tracks followers and their links and score them based on their conversion about brand, sentiment and impact on their post.Companies can identify influencers based on the score/details and utilize them for better marketing and engagement.

Competition Analysis

Brand management solutions enables companies to perform competition analysis. They can measure following:

  • Current and forecasted Market share of company's product/brand vs other companies
  • Perform co-relational analysis by tracking other companies brand and comparing their engagement, satisfaction etc.
  • Competition scores - using scoring models easily compare brands and how change is trending