Pharmaceutical and Big Data

Pharma companies spends money on drugs research, conducts clinical trials, works with doctors to prescribe drugs to patients, monitor drug effectiveness. They gather lot of data from research, trials, drug sales, social media and government bodies like CDC. Pharma companies can leverage Big data to optimize their research, make trials safe and effective, monitor drugs to contain any side effects etc to serve patients and providers in a better way and meet regulatory requirements.

Clinical Trials

Pharma companies often conduct clinical trials to test the efficacy and safety of their new drug.Clinical trials are very costly, time consuming and highly regulated. Only 10% of drugs pass the trials. Parma companies collect lot of data about patients, their age, family history, genetic profiles, medical condition and trial dosage and treatment plans.

Using Big data Pharma companies can collect data at central location, process medical device/sensor data in realtime and analyze the responses effectively to make the trial safe for patients.

They can gather enough information to change the drug molecular composition for future trials. Secure HIPPA based Hadoop storage and compliance reports allow companies to meet regulatory requirements and make operations and study more efficient.

Drug Effectiveness

Pharma companies work with doctors, which prescribe drugs to patients.Pharma companies collect data about their drug effectiveness from their providers, news and social media. They can utilize big data to effectively monitor drugs and any negative side affects. They can recall the product early on and contain the damage. They can monitor drug usage like dosage, times, what got prescribed etc.

Whole Genome Sequencing

Genome sequencing is a process to decode order of DNA nucleotides/bases in a genome. The human genome has around 3 billion genetic codes. Building genome sequence will scientists find genes easily. It will help scientists learn how genome works and genes work to drive human development. It will also help in creation of personalized medicine.

To sequence genome, scientists have to break it down in pieces, and create sequence of pieces and finally assemble the pieces together. Scientists can leverage Big data compute and storage to take reference human genome sequencing and perform assembly easily cost effectively.