Companies employ many tools for website, application and system monitoring. Keeping these resources up and maintaining business continuity is very important. InsightLake Monitor Up Down service uses Big data to monitor large number of different endpoints (websites, applications and systems) in scalable way. It provides features to check uptime and performance. It notifies and invokes actions when an endpoint goes down. Monitoring uptime and performance improves customer experience.

Network Endpoints

InsightLake monitoring solutions monitors the endpoints from different geographic locations. Following types of endpoints get monitored:

  • General - Host (Ping), TCP, UDP
  • Email - SMTP monitoring of enterprise email servers.
  • Servers can be POP3, IMAP or SMTP
  • Website - Website performance monitoring
  • REST - API monitoring

Website Performance

Website performance measurement includes the following:

  • Load time
  • Data size
  • Type of content - script, fonts, images
  • How many fetch requests

Geographically Distributed Monitoring

Monitoring solution uses geo distributed clusters to perform testing and enables companies to make their content delivery better.


Endpoint Uptime analytics

  • What percentage of time system/endpoint is up
  • Response duration trend
  • Explore up down events

Website Analytics

  • Page performance
  • Download time & size
  • Content types