Virtual Agents

Data Mapper solution gathers public and private data, performs topic modeling, sentiment analysis, classification etc to allow business teams to perform market research, trend analysis and competition cohort analysis easily.


InsightLake platform provides following functionalities to build robust agents:

  • Collect data using many connectors, crawlers etc.
  • Process and store clean and standardize data sets. (Data Management)
  • Models (Machine learning & Deep learning models)
  • Rules
  • Knowledge Graphs & Reasoning
  • Natural Language Processing & Generation
  • Text to speech and speech to text
  • Agents - Intents, Entities & Dialog Management
  • Mobile & Web framework for agents
  • SIP (VOIP) based call agents


Agents can be built and managed through InsightLake's web Console and deployed on websites, mobile apps and call center.

  • Website - Chat/Voice
  • Mobile - Chat/Voice
  • VOIP Call Agent - Voice

Knowledge Agent

These agents learn from the data and build knowledge graphs. Users can ask questions and get answers. Few examples of these type of agents, which we can build on InsightLake platform. FAQ - Point crawlers to websites and allow users to ask questions and get answers instead of searching through FAQs, Policies etc. Confluence/Sharepoint Agent - Build an in-house knowledge agent so employees can simply ask questions to find out details. JIRA/Rally Agent - Allows PMs or teams to find out details quickly.

KYC Agent

These agents help KYC (Know your customer) or care teams to quickly find out details about customers, trends, patterns etc.One of the most popular data application of InsightLake platform is Customer 360. Once we have built standardized Customer data sets then we can easily plug Customer centric virtual agent to 360 datasets and allow customers to search and get details from their data (attributes, interactions, trends, customer journey). Example : Customers can ask when did I have Thai food? When was my last payment posted? Am I spending too much on travel? Am I exercising enough for my age group? Many of such questions can be asked easily, which will empower customers and improve customer experience.

Business Agent

These agents allow administrators to perform various tasks like queries, running tasks, workflows, models etc.These agents allow business users to gather intelligence from data or documents using business level natural English language.