AI Virtual Agents

AI Driven Automation will change the way companies operate & make business more agile & smart


Technology is changing how people and companies get information instantly and act on that fast. Business users and executives are slowly changing from getting daily/weekly reports or summaries to real time dashboards and AI driven conversation assistants.

Real time dashboards & UI enable fast access to information and with interactivity executives, operations and business users can drill down to see the impact of various facets on the outcome, which drives decision making faster. However the interface is still not natural and requires learning of screens, filters etc.So what can we do to put information on the fingertips of business decision makers quickly and in a natural way? Alice - AI powered business virtual assistant

AI Platform & Virtual Agents

InsightLake platform provides AI cognitive core, data management and virtual agent framework along with blueprint of many industry specific data domains. Companies can build business virtual agents/assistants which enable business users/decision makers to get the information fast and act on it quickly. Decision makers can use voice or text in natural language to query or perform actions.
Using InsightLake AI platform, companies can build knowledge and business agents. Business agents are called Alice. Business users can ask Alice any question related to deployed skills.
Alice can be deployed on mobile apps or websites. Alice can be also deployed as VOIP call agent.

Smart Data Layer

Smart data layer allows companies to perform data centric activities like ingestion, harmonization, cleaning etc in an easy and automated fashion. Components of smart data layer are:

  • Data management - ingestion from different sources (Databases, REST, FTP, Streams)
  • Data cleansing & enrichment
  • Crawlers
  • Security policies

Cognitive Core

Cognitive core layer provides following features:

  • Natural language processing and generation
  • Personalization
  • Machine learning and deep learning models
  • Simulation

Dialog / Skill Management

Dialog and skill layer provides following features:

  • Skill creation using skill designer
  • Intent detection & parameter identification models
  • Dialog state management
  • Action integration with smart data layer

Skill/Dialog Designer

Interactive Skill/Dialog builder allows creation of new skills or dialogs very quickly using an intuitive UI. These skills or dialogs connects to smart data later to provide insights and perform actions.

  • Queries - Interactive dialog based queries to drill down to finer details
  • Actions - Execute models, invoke workflows etc.


InsightLake's smart data layer tightly integrates with security layer, which provides role based and fine grain control of the data.

Prebuilt Skills/Dialogs, Models

InsightLake has built many skill blueprints for different data domains/business functions. These blueprints can be easily customized.

Data Domains

Some of the prebuilt data domains for different functions like Finance, Accounting, Marking, Warehouse etc are:

  • Supply chain optimization
  • Retail shelf recommendations
  • Pricing recommendations
  • Vendor supply optimization
  • Competition analysis
  • Inventory optimization
  • Marketing - Intelligent offers/Ads, Acquisition recommendation & simulation
  • Cash flow optimization & recommendations
  • Accounts payables and receivables optimization
  • Audit recommendations
  • Demand forecasting
  • Stress simulation & recommendations
  • Cyber security recommendations
  • Manufacturing optimization


InsightLake platform works on cloud and on-premise. It leverages Big data technology and provides horizontal scaling.